Exante Diet Review

Exante Diet Review

One reason why people gain weight is because they have trouble sticking to healthy eating habits. It’s true that it can be quite expensive and time consuming to prepare different meals that are low Exante_Dietcalorie, contain all the needed nutrients and at the same time, taste good. Exante Diet is a great solution to all these three problems.

What Is Exante Diet?

No, it’s not a real diet where you have to count calories and follow a strict meal plan. In fact, there is no cooking involved. Exante Diet is a meal replacement diet, which means that you don’t have to worry about anything, just eat three of their low calorie, yet nutrient rich, meal replacements per day and watch your pounds drop.

You don’t have to worry about getting bored of the same foods day in and day out since Exante Diet comes with a large number of different foods, including dinners, soups, porridges, bars and shakes. Choose your favourites or try a different meal every day.

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Benefits Of Exante Diet

  • No cooking involved
  • 100% daily recommended nutrients provided
  • Large variety of meal replacements
  • Different weight loss programs to choose from
  • Cheapest Very Low Calorie Diet meal replacements in the UK

How Does It Work?

Exante_Diet2You already know that you need to burn more calories than you eat in order to lose weight, you need a calorie deficit. Once you start consuming less than you use, your body enters into Ketosis state, which means it starts using old fat storages to get energy.

Exante Diet gives you just enough calories to trigger fast weight loss, but in the same time it contains all your daily minerals and vitamins. Since each meal has around 200 calories, you will only consume 600 calories per day after eating three meal replacement products. This even gives you room for some extra treats like fruit, veggies and other healthy snacks.

But everyone is not the same, that’s why Exante Diet has several diet plans available. You can take an online test to see which plan is perfect for you, or you can simply choose one that suits you best. There are plans starting from 600 calories per day up to 1,200 calorie plans and even the 5:2 intermittent fasting plan.

How Much Will You Lose?

It really depends on the plan you choose. You can do some simple maths, if you only consume 600 calories per day, you should lose around 2-3 lbs per week without making any more changes to your lifestyle. Less if you opt for more calories.

There are plenty of customer success stories on Exante Diet website, but if you are still not convinced, check out their Facebook community where people are sharing their weight loss stories. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Where To Start?

You can only start Exante Diet by visiting their website where you can check out their programs, browse different meals and treats, and place your order. It’s possible to buy each product separately or take advantage of their Bumper Packs for discounted prices.

Different delivery options are available, Standard UK Delivery starts from just £1.49, international delivery from £3.99 and orders over £50 get free next day delivery in the UK.


Exante Diet is a great weight loss solution for those who are not keen on cooking, don’t have time to work out at the gym or don’t especially like counting calories. These replacement meals are low calorie but full of nutrients giving weight loss without causing health problems, which is should be the goal for everyone.

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What Is The 5:2 Fast Diet

5:2 Fast Diet Reviewed

One of the biggest diets ever to hit the UK – in fact the world, is the 5:2 fast diet – developed bymichael-mosley Doctor and medical journalist Michael Mosley; both he and and his co-author Mimi Spencer have virtually changed the way that we should diet – possibly for ever…..

The Concept Behind The 5:2 Diet

The diet is based on the idea of intermittent fasting – its simple to understand and follow

In its simplest terms, dieters can eat what ever they like for 5 days of the week (within reason of course), and then fast for 2 days. now the 2 fasting days can be chosen to suit your schedule or lifestyle, it doesn’t matter if they are two consecutive days or say for instance a monday and thursday.

On the fasting days, you don’t simply stop eating, what you do is to reduce the calorie intake down by 75%. Men ( who’s average daily calorie intake is 2500) should eat no more than 600 calories, and women (who usually average at 2000 per day) should not eat any more than 500.

The effects of this are actually two fold – the body looks to any stored fat reserves to make up the shortfall in calories, which means that excess fat is burnt, producing increased levels of energy and also it gives the digestive system a rest – which doctors agree often leads to improved health issues such as lower cholesterol levels and reduced blood pressure.

UnknownAs the stored fats are burnt for fuel, any excess weight is gradually reduced – average weight loss results are between 2 and 3 lbs a week – nothing dramatic, but the weight lost this way actually seems to stay off – unlike many diets who deliver fast weight loss – the weight usually creeps back on once the diet stops.

The 5:2 diet can often become more of a way of life – with dieters becoming more aware of portion size and calorie control – another reason why the weight tends to stay off.

Any Issues Or Side Effects?

The 5:2 fast diet is without a doubt safe and effective diet – there are no reported adverse reactions coming from following the diet.

More About The Fast Diet – click to go to the official website

The only issue that anybody following the 5:2 fast diet could experience can be the feelings of hunger  while fasting – these can be hard to cope with, especially at first.

5:2 Fast Formula

UK based Advanced Health have developed the worlds first ever supplement specifically developed to 5-2-fast-formula_zps1058981d-300x300help support dieters following this (or in fact any fasting type diet).

Called 5:2 fast Formula, this 100% natural supplement contains essential vitamins, minerals and a rather effective natural appetite suppressant that helps reduce the feelings of hunger,.making it easier for dieters to keep to the plan and maximise results.

You Can Find Out More About 5:2 Fast Formula By Clicking Here

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